Strategic Planning Concepts International (SPCI) is an international, non-transactional, commercial real estate consulting company, with more than 30 years of experience.  This company is particularly focused on meeting client needs in the areas of strategic planning, site market and project analysis, design review, tenant mix assessment and future trends analysis.  SPCI builds its work on extensive qualitative research and analysis.  While working with big data providers, SPCI focuses on the "context" behind the "content" and makes every effort to be sure that the right questions are being asked when planning new mixed-use projects or repositioning a existing single-use retail projects.

SPCI works closely with its clients to clearly define, understand, develop and implement new market-based, cost-effective and results-oriented real estate development in a rapidly changing world that is filled with disruptions.  SPCI's team travels the world attending the latest international conferences in order to stay abreast of the latest in global commercial real estate trends and technologies.  SPCI's team is constantly visiting existing shopping centers, shopping districts, high streets, retail parks, multiple-use and mixed-use projects, in order to personally assess what is working and what is not working with today's customers.  In a world where the customer now changes more quickly than bricks and mortar, SPCI believes that it is important to stay very close to the leading edge of innovation. 

Emphasis is on ensuring that corporate goals and objectives are aligned with changing markets and technologies.  Assessments take into account relevant market trends.  Levels of risk tolerance, investment time horizon, quality of the asset, annual CapEx budgets, programming strategies and logistical efficiencies are also key factors for SPCI.  

Positioning Commercial Real Estate Projects for the Future

SPCI's team of professionals draw on varied and extensive multi-cultural backgrounds and experience gained from over three decades of assisting clients and studying trends in the United States, México, Central and South America, Europe, and the Far East.

Fieldwork:  Beyond the Numbers

We take great pride in providing hands-on fieldwork research to validate the feasibility of project plans as well as the flood of big data, and to separate important bits of information from the huge amount of "noise".

Networking: To Infinity and Beyond

Through working arrangements with specialists in a variety of fields in the commercial real estate industry, SPCI is able to provide expertise throughout a wide spectrum of real estate planning and land use activities.  We are a fee-based, non-transactional service provider.



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